Shermeen Yousif, Ph.D. | Bio

Shermeen Yousif, Ph.D., is an architect, researcher, and educator. Her interdisciplinary line of research is situated at the intersection of artificial intelligence, performance-based design, and advanced computational design methods. Her interdisciplinary line of research has led to developing multiple computational methods for augmenting generative design systems. Her research projects have led to multiple peer-reviewed publications, awards and research grants.

Her academic and professional background extends in architecture, computational design, environmental design, and artificial intelligence. Shermeen holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University (2019). Shermeen also holds a Master of Architecture in degree from the Dessau Institute of Architecture at the Bauhaus, Germany (2009) and a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from University of Baghdad (2006).

Shermeen’s Ph.D. research focuses on the development of machine learning and advanced computational methods for improving generative design systems. Her dissertation, entitled ” A K-Medoids-Based Shape Clustering Method and Its Applications in Generative Design and Optimization Systems,” focuses on the on introducing a new Generative Design System (GDS) that facilitates the designers’ interaction with such systems and accommodates decision making in the process. The proposed system incorporates an innovative Shape Clustering using K-Medoids (SC-KM) method into other routine processes of parametric modeling and design optimization. The significance of the research is to expand and advance generative systems by incorporating cluster analysis as a big-data management strategy and a solution to the excessive and overwhelming design candidates evolving, leading to an articulation mechanism that assists designers in the exploration and examination of the design set in a feasible manner.

Upon receiving her architecture license, Shermeen co-founded a design practice, and within her Master’s study, she worked in Germany at two architecture design firms, HSH-Architekten in Berlin and ARC-Architekturconzept in Magdeburg. Later, Shermeen established another architecture design practice in Duhok city, while teaching at the University of Duhok. More recently, in 2020, Shermeen founded a design and research practice “DEEP-PERFORMATIVE STUDIO”, focused on employing deep learning strategies in architecture design and research.

Recently, her research project has been focused on connecting multiple AI networks, in a human-plus-machine model, towards augmented intelligence and collective creativity. Her focus has been on incorporating deep learning-based models, in particular, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) into computational design systems. The objective is to contribute to the paradigm shift happening in architecture and urban design, towards new aesthetics, and higher performance in the built environment.

Since 2009, Shermeen has taught at multiple institutions including University of Duhok, Texas A&M University and Florida Atlantic University. Shermeen is currently an assistant professor of architecture at the School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University (tenure-track appointment), where she is continuing her research through teaching and a number of research grants.